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The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines

The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) provides guidance to water regulators and suppliers on monitoring and managing drinking water quality. The ADWG provides details on the framework for Management of Drinking Water Quality (the Framework), a preventive management approach that encompasses all steps in water production from catchment to consumer, and aims to assure safe, good […]

Water Purification with an Ultraviolet Steriliser

The ultraviolet germicidal system has become an exceptionally popular water disinfection alternative. Modern technology is incorporated to create the most natural purification. Ultraviolet lamps produce germicidal short wave radiation, which eradicates bacteria, viruses and other kinds of microbiological contamination present in all water supplies. Advantages: Ultraviolet water sterilisers incorporate natural Ultraviolet light, which allows the […]

Four Effective Means of Removing Water Pollutants

1. Sediment Removal Using a sediment filter to remove: Mud Scale Rust Slime Hair Algae etc. Down to 1 micron in size ( 1 Micron = 1 thousandth of a millimetre ) 2. Chemical Removal Using Carbon Activated Carbon Catalytic Absorptive Carbons To remove: Chlorine Chloroform Chloramines Insecticides Pesticides Sulphates Sulphites etc. This option is […]