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Inline Camping Water Filter and Caravan Water Filter

portable inline camping and caravan water filter


  • Maximum Flow 3.1 litres/min
  • Maximum Pressure 125psi
  • Service Life 12 months or 6000 litres
  • Quick Connect hose Couplings
  • NSF Quality Carbon Filter

Water Treatment

This Carbon Activated Camping and Caravan Water Filter will improve the colour, odour and taste of potable drinking water. Designed for use in camping and caravans, a must have for caravan owners. It will reduce chlorine and volatile organic compounds while filtering contaminates to 10 microns.

It is designed to be discarded after 1 year or 6000 litres of water flow, however this may be reduced if heavily contaminated water is used.

The filter must always be used with the flow in the same direction as the arrow indicated on the cartridge.

Prior to first use and after periods of storage run 5 litres of water through the filter before drinking. Never let cleaning fluids contaminate the filter.

Completely drain filter before storage by drip drying then shaking as this will reduce the risk of microbiological contamination.


Suitable for camping, picnics, caravan or home use.
This Camping Filter is used at the sole risk of the purchaser
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