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Water Wizard are importers, distributors and consultants of quality water filters and water filtration products in Brisbane and the whole of South East Queensland. We supply to mining corporations, hospitals, nurseries, schools and companies big and small. We use only Australian standard goods with the highest quality components to ensure we supply the best products to our customers.

We also sell to members of the public and can offer you the right top quality water purifier at the best price. The reason we can be so competitive is that we import the components and assemble them right here.

Water Wizard is a family company run by Gary and Jayne Young who are more than happy help with any enquiries that you may have.

Our Water filters and related products can be posted to locations throughout Australia using Australia Post e-Parcel and Star Track expresses couriers, ensuring the quickest and safest delivery of our goods.


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Phone (07) 3410 7662
Mobile: 0402 018 047

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